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[diskshop bbs stats for Tuesday June 18, 2019]
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The Dark KnightBrampton On17/06/19
The Dark KnightBrampton On17/06/19
Silent RageCanada17/06/19
NetsurgeToronto, ON17/06/19
NetsurgeToronto, ON17/06/19
bandarioqld aus17/06/19
r-smithLas Vegas, NV17/06/19
Asaf0Hod hasaron18/06/19


mtnclimber!CIA Amiga BBS Zeus v1.7 ->ciaamigabbs.dynu.net:6400
nairolf3!life is like a huricane here in...
Xqtr!@netsurge: do you have those old 8" ones? hahhaha :p
DasEFX!In software raid we trust
G4SH.0V3RRiDE!GREETZ digital deviants and sweethearts worldwide <3
Netsurge! It is awesome to see all these new and older users...
ziyal!Hello from the woods outside of Seattle!
Trancid!Go Raptors Go!
mike!Clutch - bbs.clutchbbs.com
Netsurge!Toronto Raptors - 2019 NBA Champs
scinet ftn

[SciNet % an ftn message network for the bbs scene]

Welcome to SciNet, a FTN style network that is dedicated to bring you the best in the BBS scene with active message and file echos for your bbs.

Simply download the info pack, follow the instructions and fill out the application.
If you need help with getting your system setup, logon to the Diskshop BBS and we will be glad to help.