[My drug test came back negative. My dealer has some explaining to do.]

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[diskshop bbs stats for Thursday April 9, 2020]
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tenserNew York City08/04/20
KubriusSchaghticoke, NY08/04/20
jokkerOntario, Canada08/04/20
NitroPortland, OR08/04/20
deonParkdale, VIC09/04/20
rainbowmanboston, ma09/04/20
jokkerOntario, Canada09/04/20
MetalheadBinghamton, NY09/04/20
tenserNew York City09/04/20
MetalheadBinghamton, NY09/04/20


Netsurge!Here is hoping 2o2o is better than 2o19
akira!Peron jajajajaja
Phreak!I'm with you, surge. 2019 SUCKED!!
Slipery Sam!zZz.zZz.zZz.Laming around on the interwebs.zZz.zZz.zZz
haakon! the vortex is back up // vortexbbs.com, for leetness, and...
mastermind!woot woot; whattup disk sh0p!
eggy!hello there!
Netsurge! don't forget about the SciNet InterBBS...
cheese burger!fucken hey guise
Night Rider!Best PCBoard -> dangerbaybbs.dyndns.org:1337

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