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jokkerOntario, Canada15/10/20
Quicken2kToronto, Ontario16/10/20
jokkerOntario, Canada17/10/20
jokkerOntario, Canada19/10/20
Quicken2kToronto, Ontario19/10/20
bobrobsan francisco, ca19/10/20
bobrobsan francisco, ca20/10/20
bobrobsan francisco, ca20/10/20
lockeryAsheville, Nc21/10/20


Grim Reaper!turealm.no-ip.org:3023 Myst turealm.no-ip.org:2023 PCBoard
MaxMouse!hypernode.ddns.net NOW ONLINE
The Godfather!New port www.theunderground.us:10023
Night Stalker!bbs.idbbs.ca:59 -- Internal Dimension
MaxMouse!This BBS looks so fantastic, im a big fan
The Godfather!Insomnia sucks.
djatropine!Insomnia can be fun
fang-castro!why even bother starting a BBS when boards like this exist =/
mike!clutch - bbs.clutchbbs.com
bobrob!get your seasonal flu shot

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